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:) So no crusade to oust the OC,eh.

So picket sighs would be over the top. Well,it’ll have to wait til next year.
WRs A Soccarras,Knott,TP,Casey,Kesey
OL. C+ Need to get the, healthy.
TEs C. Could be better if used
FB.Inc.Crawford ran out of RB slot,otherwise practically invisible
QB. A Shaf is our entire O
RBs B.Glimmers from both Bs. DB has shown hus toughness a.d speed.
DL. B with Caveness. An actual force
LBs.B Caslow Ripanti are excellent.Unit much improved behind. a DL that doesn’t emulate a sieve.
DBs. D Are making more plays and being out of position rarer. Tackling is poor
K. A Mish gives us a solid reliable unit.
P. B Devine had a poor game vs JMU pressure but he will be fine
KR. B Harris remarkable.