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Had the opportunity to chat with several people with some inside knowledge. There is nothing earth shattering here since I said much of the same stuff after watching one practice but follow the progression.
a.)Lehigh’s OL is large but slow. There is no Rackley or Daryoush to anchor this group. It is not conducive to pass blocking which leads to
b.)Nick locks into one receiver. If he is not open, he immediately resorts to the run. The lack of pass protection compounds this problem but it is not the root cause. This is the way he was groomed in HS…….
c.)Our opponents are well aware of a.) and b.). There are two true frosh on the 2 deep (I think the coaches do too). JMU was not only on to it this year but also reportedly knew all his tendencies on where he will run.
d.)Due to the lack of pass protection, our FB and TE routinely stay in to block but also allows the opposition to fill the gaps with LBs. Our RBs are very good but have had almost no running room. Get them in space and they will amaze you….
e.)BM has the better arm, that has been acknowledged by several insiders but he is still raw and is far more one-dimensional. Hence he drops back 6 X and gets sacked twice.

This makes it very difficult for any OC. The solution I suppose is in the short passing game and Nick has been pretty adept there, completing about 68% of his throws but that also involves throwing in traffic, perhaps explaing the 3 picks.