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Sorry for the length of this …

I listened to some of the game and have a couple of other minor questions/one point:

1) At the end of the game, AC seemed to be making excuses for the D, saying there were five (I think he said) freshman in the secondary and they’re not strong (I’m guessing physically strong) enough to take down some of the bigger, stronger upperclassmen RBs they’re asked to tackle. He may be right, but am I missing something here? Is there more than McCloskey, who, I’m guessing was in there for Lawson?

What did you guys see as the reason for the poor D against the run? Or pass?

2) The radio announcers seemed to like Jarrod Howard, a junior WR, who made his first few catches of the year (after having only one last year). They said Knott sat out such of second half.

Questions: Sounds like Howard had a great game. Like Githens, if these guys are that good, why have we not seen them earlier? Is it time to give guys like this more time and sit others who are not producing?

Anyone think Knott was benched?

2) Was there another RB in there today to spell Bragalone? Seemed like no one else had carries.

3) A thought: Sure, the O was inconsistent, but the D gave up almost 500 yards AGAIN (479). Does anyone really think a D like this is going to stop Fordham, Bucknell and Colgate (not to mention Yale, HC and Lafayette unless they shoot themselves ion the feet)? If you do, I’d like to know where you buy your happy pills.

Other than the fact our O-line is more settled and that we have more/better offensive weapons– giving us a better chance to score more — I question whether we can play perfect enough on O to win consistently against middle-of-the road FCS teams.

As long as we have a defense like this, there is no chance for playoff glory, IMHO. And that’s the ultimate goal. Giving up 500 ypg (Penn got 476 last week, and let’s not talk about JMU) is not sustainable — in fact, it’s more of last year. Problems like this can’t be turned around overnight.

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