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I was at the game so I have no idea what the announcers were saying. McCloskey was the only frosh DB that I saw in the game. You are correct in that he took Lawson’s spot.Leaks, Riguad and Jones seemed to be the other DBs for almost the entire game. Not sure what AC was trying to say.
I don’t know if Knott was benched but I suspect he has small hands. The pass that went off his hands really hurt. With Sansone hurt, I suspect we will see more of Howard in the future. He caught everything thrown to him today.
The O needs to finish a bit better but they showed me a nice blend of run and pass over the last 2 weeks. Your observation on the defense is spot on IMHO. We will score points this year. I just don’t think it will be enough to replace the one’s we give up.