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I would agree with LG view of offense, except those plays worked for the most part. I wanted them to run up the gut more as it was working.

The two late scores in 1st half hurt, but Shafs fumble after picking up the first down seemed to heighten the pressure. Of course the turnovers overall killed us. I walked away from that game thinking we were not a bad team. I guess the TOs do count though.

On Knott, I was sitting down low and saw AC following Knott down the sideline saying something, honestly could not tell if it was encouragement, getting on him or responding to something Knott said.

Did I miss something where was Casey, I did not even see him on the bench. I got into the game a little late with score 10-7 when I got in.

I agree on the tackling. that is what drove me from the stadium, when Atwater ran over two players after the TP strip.