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[quote=22092]O was pathetic? Really?

They had 560 yards of offense. 360 yds passing, 200 yds rushing. 8 different receivers caught the ball. Turnovers killed us but we moved the ball at will. Nick and Dom played very well. Mish is a real weapon.
Want to complain about our defense however…go right ahead.

One observation. Why are we still using a 265# NG when we have a 295# player on the end. Our NG was getting pushed all over the place. Just an observation.


Cavenas is on the end because they figure he has more chances to disrupt going one on one with the OT rather than getting double teamed all the time at NG. Matter of philosophy at the moment, and maybe they mix it up, but that is the reasoning. Plus, Cavenas is quick for his size.