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I agree with almost all the comments about the Princeton game . I would give the O a B or a B- ,the D maybe a D- .The O played really well in spurts but to many pen.,drop pass’s and some bad play calling killed or stopped a drive .No imagination ,fakery or trick plays to make P play off the ball .Running game OK but blocking on pass plays was a little suspect .I thought our O line would really be great this year ,but it seems Shaf has less than 3 seconds to view the field and make a throw .Hard to tell if Princ. D line was that good or our O line was not very good .We can only hope that the other teams in the PAT. are not as strong rushing the QB or Lehigh is in trouble .Now for the D ????? One comment had it right ,the 3 D lineman is not working .Cannot work when they are being pushed back 5 yards into the LB’s .It looks like our size up front DOES make a difference in how the line stops the run .Small LB’s does not help when you have a RB at full speed coming throu the line . Also the lack of speed on the end arounds is plain to see even to people who know nothing about football .It seems this is the subject that gets most of the negative comments every week .Are the Lehigh D players this bad or are they badly coached .