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I feel the gap between Princeton and Lehigh was not the same yawning gap between JMU and Lehigh (amply proven this weekend after JMU came from behind to beat SMU). A cleaner game from Lehigh would probably have been competitive the whole way, perhaps not a Lehigh win but more of a 50/50 proposition. As others have noted, Lehigh moved the ball very effectively vs. Princeton. Others will too.

In the 3rd quarter, Lehigh forced Princeton into two three-and-outs, but turned over the ball on a pick six, lost a fumble after a deep drive on a 4th-and-2, and turned over the ball a third time. All three TOs were preventable mistakes, not masterful Tiger defense but gifts. That’s why there’s so much angst. No amount of scholarships, no amount of “well he was also recruited by Penn State” players would have been able to overcome that.

Lack of talent was NOT the problem last weekend. It was mostly self-inflicted wounds that Princeton were all too happy to cash in for a victory. Not only turnovers, either, but penalties, passes going through hands, ball security, sloppiness on a blocked extra point, etc. All stuff Lehigh had control over.