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OK, then. So the most glaring problem IS defense. Let’s fix that, if it’s even possible to do within 2 months.

Isn’t this improvement primarily on the back of the coaching staff? I mean, THIS coaching staff installed the new scheme and taught how it should be played. THIS coaching staff decided which players should be out on the field. THIS coaching staff called all the adjustments that needed to be made as each game played out.

The players ‘are what they are.’ They can’t learn ‘speed’ over the coming few weeks. They can’t add appreciable strength, nor much in the way of instinct and technique. A little bit, sure.

I agree, new people need to be tried as pass defenders. That’s for the coaches, too. Other positions? Maybe, YES. If only for a game, to get the attention of certain regulars.

The balance of this season will largely be determined by the COACHES, I think. I’m not expecting much, unfortunately. That Yankee Stadium disaster still lingers.