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I take hawkineer’s view. What’s the point of all this? If not winning, it shouldn’t matter who coaches or who plays. Also not if anyone comes to watch.

School-branded athletic competition is important to the well-being of students, alums, and the greater local community. Success is appealing. Enjoying the ‘winning’ is why most people remain interested. It’s important for supporters to know the school’s commitment to that goal is strong and steady, NOT a casual effort.

I’m not nearly as tolerant with mediocrity as many who contribute here. But, that’s a choice we all can make. Based upon crowd size, media attention, and most importantly, student interest, I’m not alone in turning away.

Right now, the Lehigh football program is mired in disappointment, and evidence of participant desire to change all of that is missing. This is ‘going through the motions,’ instead of battle, it seems.

I mean, who wants to be like Lafayette?