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Ngineer its not quite true what you said about a kid going to Ivies for free. If your parents make 100K, you would have to pay at LEAST 10% of tuition. If they make a combined of under $60,000 its free at ALL the Ivies. We should be MORE than competetive with ALL the Ivies except maybe HYP. Kids and parents would pick those three schools over scholarships because of name alone. That being said, LU has probably the best talent it EVER has had based recruiting sites and kids with other scholarship offers. You cant compare this team with othe LU teams who played OTHER schools with non scholly players. The whole dynamic of the PL has changed because of schollies, everyone is getting kids they had NO chance of landing and making i more competetive across the board. COACHING is what sets a school apart when evryone has talent.