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objective observer


There are really only two solid years of scholarship players!

Lehigh probably has the best two freshman running backs in the league and a lot of underclassmen are playing- If I am a betting man- the 2017 football team will be a team to reckon with!!

JMU- have fifth year seniors- at this point in time- they are better- that is ok- you can’t be undefeated all the time

As for Princeton and Yale- yes they could have played much better-

There is something going on with this team, I cant place my finger on it but from sideline observations they are not yet there as a complete team! it is like there are personality conflicts amongst the players

I was told by coaches –

It is the little things that win football games and at this point that is not happening- there seems like there is some selfishness occurring on the team? Anyway

players are turning the ball over-
players dropping passes at crucial times-
players getting penalties-
not capitalizing on turnovers
poor special teams- the kick returner for bucknell had 127 yards in kickoff yards- with an 85 yard touchdown

Finally – I do see a plan- we have the probably the two best young running backs in the league- I saw #3 crying after the game on the bench- and saw him make a great catch at the end of the game- this is what the team needs- a strong desire to win- and never give up!- Observations have been made that not all the players give 110%

And I know for a fact- that these coaches want to win- and are providing the players with the tools and information to win- what the players do with this information is up to them- remember the coaches cant play the game

I never met a coach in my life that likes to lose-give it time- I guarantee improvement- I have faith and confidence in this coaching staff- they are full of character and care about the players- Nick Saban probably doesn’t know any 3rd or 4th string players names- that is why they use tape at practice on their helmets- these coaches are personal and I would take that any day for my child!