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Great stuff, TMH:

More perspective on offense:

2010: 345 yards per game (including playoffs); 2015: 439 ypg

How did we get that offense:

In air
2010: 241 ypg 2015: 283 ypg

2010: 104 ypg 2015: 156 ypg

# of plays per game
2010: 67 2015: 73

Purely by the numbers, this year’s offense is better — so far —

The 2010 numbers including games against three ranked teams and a 31-10 loss against UNH

One comparison that stands out.

In 2010, our QB averaged 4.7 rushes per game
In 2015, our QB averages 17.2 rushes per game

In 2010: 48 percent of our plays were rushing
In 2015: 55 percent of our plays have been rushing

Yes, the big difference is defense:
2010: 345 ypg
2015: 475 ypg (but we get more plays per game)

Is it wise to have our now star QB run so much? He’s a great player; I just hope he can physically handle such a workload over 11 games.