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Finally – I do see a plan- we have the probably the two best young running backs in the league- I saw #3 crying after the game on the bench- and saw him make a great catch at the end of the game- this is what the team needs- a strong desire to win- and never give up!- Observations have been made that not all the players give 110%

And I know for a fact- that these coaches want to win- and are providing the players with the tools and information to win- what the players do with this information is up to them- remember the coaches cant play the game

I have to take some exception here. If the players (recruited by this staff btw) are not giving full effort, I believe that a LARGE part of that responsibility falls on the coaches. They are responsible for developing a culture of accountability and competitiveness. If there are players (that the coaching staff recruited) that are not giving full effort, that is a major problem – and I would argue that is a top down problem.

I personally have not watched enough to have any opinion of the level of effort given, but if there is not 100% effort – that is only the coaches as much or more than the players.