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Sorry Ngineer, you mustve been out of the loop for awhile. ONCE again kids DO NOT go for free if parents make under 150,000. Heres a article……….

At Harvard, parents making less than $65,000 are not expected to contribute. Families making between $65,000 and $150,000 contribute from 0-10% of their income.

Like Harvard and Stanford, Yale parents making less than $65,000 do not have to contribute to tuition. Beyond that, Yale subtracts a family contribution from the cost of tuition, room and board, books and personal expenses, and will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.

At Princeton, parents making less than $120,000 do not pay tuition. Those making less than $60,000 are covered for tuition, room and board. Those making between $60,000 and $120,000 only pay a percentage of room and board. The percentage is higher for those whose income is lower.

THE KEY WORDS is they get free TUITION, says nothing about ROOM AND BOARD, and trust me room and board costs alot!