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The answer ,as many have noted repeatedly,is not firing Andy. Two issues here. One,the roster. We have 2 upperclass schollie classes. At this juncture Fordham was as inconsistent as we are now. Looking around PL every schollie team has the same issues. Time,coaching and experience are the only path to fixing this issue.
Coaching. The coordinators first and foremost. I am truly confused by his plan. Was that the reason we list those games. No.JMU just that much better. PU WRs gave up 4TOs. Yale both our lines were trashed. I do wonder why Folmar did nothig to ease their pressure on OL. As I wonder about his failure to adjust sets or playcalling.
At this point,my question is what will Andy do with Folmar?
Going forward ,we have 5 games that we can win and one that would be a huge upset if we did win.