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The parallels drawn in this thread between Lehigh & Fordham’s move to scholarship football have for the most focused on the poor on field performance during the transition period. And that in the fourth year Fordham turned the corner once they had the full compliment of rides. For my money the real reason for the fourth year turnaround was the switch from Tom Massella to Joe Morehead. I’d love to hear how “in the know” Fordham fans feel in this regard.

Coach Coen is a great guy and a true gentleman from all I’ve read and heard. And he’s 62-41 in nine years. But last year’s inconsistency, the debacle at the 150th, and the beginning of this year have me convinced, unless there a dramatic turnaround this year, it’s time for a change. Next question would be does the AD have the chops to do it, and will he find the right guy.