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Huh? What ar you talkjng about? Ghaf post makes no sense.
We got Chris because all the FBs teams backed off after he broke his arm in jr yr. Point is we were rdcruiting him. We got Colvin over Hadvarx and Syracuse because his Dad is aa alum and Mike had bedn set on LU since he was a kid. We went out to Ariz to get the leading passdr in the State. Same yr we got a dual threat QB who was A-S NJ.
Yes we do have an athletic 2ndary that is beginning to mesh. Improving but still has a way to go.
I went to Lehigh and played football. So I know who and what we are. Just what am I bitching about? We nesd to get better to win. I think we will.
We are not a football factory that puts “product” on the field. We put student athletes ou there.
If you sant bitching read l my psts on play calls.