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Dont disagree with your feelings in the least. A true cluster fuck at ghe Stadium whjch I also lay at the feet of the staff. As to Nick he was a very good get. It was us or UNH. I do agree that class was not as good as it could have been. Certainly less talented than the next two classes. Believe that class was a learning experience for him. Looking around PL seems all had hit a.d miss groups that first year. Look at our roster. A few solid srs. No stars. Jr class some stars and a group of solid players. The frosh are by far the deepest and most talented group on the team. Hard to get consistency from a team with most of your best players are underclassmen.
I have my reservations about Andy but dont blame him for this situation. If he fails to fix it, the blame is on him and his staff. We lost one game we should have won in PU and got our asses kickd by two teams that ar just better than us right now.