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Forget size,it’s about heart,talent and ability to read a D. Lum had a skill of throwing the ball WAY before the break, and it was in the window on time. Colvin and Shaf struggle(d) trusting the play/wr and many times were late getting the ball to wr. If you wait until you see the wr open to throw,it is too late. Mayes,like Lum understands the passing game and its timing. BB had some of this also, but locked in on one wr many times. What impressed me most about Lum,was if nothing was open,he’d throw the ball in the stands,really never trying to force plays. Shaf forced throws early on, but has gotten better about the throwaway. Hope Folmar,like Chick is not afraid to make a tough decision that may lead to 3 great years.