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I’ve got NO horse in this race between Miller and TMH, but feel like stoking the fire — assuming my math is correct:

The year Lum threw all those picks — his senior year:
3 percent of his passes were picked; he had a TD-INT ratio of 1.88, and a passer rating of 146.8.

Now compare Lum and Shaf junior years:

Lum: 3.3 percent picked; 1.41 TD-INT ratio; 128.5 rating
Shaf: 3.9 percent picked; 1 TD-INT ratio; 132.09 rating

There’s no comparison in rushing yardage … I did not check rushing TDs

Not sure what this settles, if anything. In part it goes to show you can argue about all sorts of numbers.

They’re fun to debate (in a civil fashion) — but often don’t settle anything.