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Debate in a civil manner is all I am trying to do. We all love Lehigh. We all knew tha Lum was an incredible talent and that Mayes will be too. I am simply trying to put things into perspective. With that being said, to complete your analysis

Lum in 2010 58.0% completion 228yds rush 2 TD
Shaf in 7+ games 65.5% comp 576 rush 8 TD

My point is this, the 2 QBs are at least comparable in their Jr seasons. What differentiates them is the defense that played with them. If Groome and Co were playing this year, we would absolutely win the PL and exalting Shaf. If the current defense was playing in 2010, they may have won 3 games and this crowd would have been calling for BB and we would have missed out on Lum’s incredible senior season. The future looks incredibly bright. Let’s just relax and enjoy it.