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I tend to agree Hawker. A Hobson’s choice at QB. Guess it boils down to trying to predict whether a frosh phenom can play again at the same level. If he can,the choice is obvious. Caveat tho is the Gate D is the best PL D by a large margin. Not as dominant az Gate fans believe.,but very good. Gate front 7 very good albeit light. They run a lot of creative blitz packages. A necessity as their 2 ndary is shaky. Our OL has played very well over the ladt 4 games. It has meshed into a very effective unit. Even so,I would expect a bunch of holding penalties against their speed rushers with a stationary QB pass attack.
The key tomortow,IMO, which team makes the fewest mistaks. To me that includes D playing for all 4 quarters. A feat we have not yet accomplished. Gate has the same issue with complete games.