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Disappointing loss on several levels.

LU’s fight was impressive; as was vast majority of offensive execution.

On D, though: Did Colgate punt once? The one muffed for a TO? I can only imagine D gave up 450+ again. There were some outstanding defensive plays, but some big ones given up — again. The consistency just isn’t there, and it’s too hard to win championships with sieve defenses.

Only a few questionable O play calls, but that 4th and 4 in the second half in the red zone was a huge lost opportunity. Did Lehigh have so little faith in its D it would not take a FG?

I hope Brags is OK. Another great game for him. What a workhorse! Shaf played well, too; but not well enough to win this championship game against an evenly matched team. He missed a few key passes in that final drive, but we’re all human. Will this game spark a renewed Shaf-Mayes debate?

Coaches should find a way to get both of them in there — sometimes together. It would be an opportunity to see some really exciting football. They complement each others’ strengths so well.

I’d have thrown in a surprise run with Nana after Brags got hurt and there was “lots” of time left.

And I’d have gone for the win with two if LU scored.

Lafayette is a must-win. They will pull out all stops in an effort to win; opening kickoff onside kick, trick plays, etc. I hope the coaching staff is prepared.