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Welcome to the Big 12 (AKA Patriot League), where defense is hard to come by.

If this team doesn’t figure out how to play defense, it will never be better than a 6-5, 7-4 team. It is a damn shame that the offense had to try to put together a heroic drive because the defense thinks it’s playing flag football.

With even a semblance of a defense, this could have been a championship year. As bad as Colgate was on defense, it still stopped Lehigh twice inside the 10 yard line.

Andy really needs a win next week. Any positive vibes from the previous few weeks will be gone. 5-6 with three straight losses to the Leopards, including a 1-9 team, has to be unacceptable. Normally next week should be a no doubt about it win. With this mess of a defense and the psychology each team coming into the game, it is anything but.