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Why in a tie game would you not take the field goal and take the lead ??? With the FG the fumbled punt NEVER happens and our D has a chance to stop there O .The play calling from the 5 yd line with almost 2 min. and a time out left should have all Lehigh fans wondering who is calling these plays .You have a 230 lb RB and maybe the best running QB in the PL and you try 4 pass’s ,when the whole game the RB ‘s were running for good yardage .Maybe this goes back to last year at Holy Cross when the O tried I think 5 or 6 running plays from the 1 or 2 yard line and did not score which lead to a loss that Lehigh should have won .Feel sorry for all the players in this loss .I also think the coaching staff has to take some responsibility in this really tough loss .