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Seems to me our D, with the rover, is set up to stop today’s passing game.

Before today, though, we averaged giving up:

IN AIR: 255 ypg (add 173 vs Gate) — 108 out of 123 teams in FCS

ON GROUND: 187.8 (add 316 vs. Gate) — 80 of 123 teams

Our two Patriot League losses were to teams that RAN ALL OVER US — as some of you have pointed out on big plays.

Many of us think there is real, individual talent on D. Why shouldn’t we think that? There’s a lot of talent on O, too.

So why can’t we stop anyone? Could it be this D scheme?

Several of you have pointed out its shortcomings. Certainly doesn’t seem nimble, but rather focused on stopping pass (which numbers above prove it has not accomplished).