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Where to begin. Obviously the defense is problematic, but let’s start with a clear shortcoming – where was the QB pressure? How about a blitz, or stacking the box or anything than sitting back and waiting. The “patience” approach didn’t work, so why not adjust. I think this is a scheming problem more than anything else.

Why the hell didn’t Andy take the FG? We were playing catch up all day and had the chance to change the sequence, but NOOOO, Andy goes for the jugular far too prematurely.

Where the hell was Mayes? He wasn’t trotted out there one time to even give Colgate a different look. Shaf really played a great game, but he still throws passes short and the receivers have to wait on the pass as he doesn’t hit them in stride.

Special teams were not so special. Kick-off coverage was porous and our returns were hit and miss.

The last series – stunningly painful to watch. Not one F’ng run play after all that success all day. This was almost as painful as the last series against UMass in the ’98 playoff game.

Overall, this is another game where I now question the coaching. The talent is there,especially on O, but changes need to be made.