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Not much positive going right now on this squad. And, now looking 0-6 squarely in the face with Virginia and Purdue on tap. The Columbia game is now a must win. If this gets to 0-6, it could really spiral out of control and we may be looking at a 10 win season. I don’t like us on the road at the moment, so I think we lose next 3.

Only positive is the progression of AP. He has become a really solid, consistent wing scorer. His mentality looks like “I’m gonna score and you can’t stop me”, which is great. Unfortunately, Tim and Kahron have not yet elevated their games from last season. Goldy must be really limited, as he is not himself. Problems are rebounding and defending on the perimeter. I don’t like the intensity on the defensive end. You have to want to rebound and defend and this squad is a little soft. Actually a lot soft without a healthy #40.

Maybe Holba will give us a boost. Need to find something to get excited about. Would like to see us beat Columbia and play one of the next two opponents within 10. The way Virginia defends, next Wed could be ugly. They held teams way down last year, and we may struggle to get to 40 points there.