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[quote=24323]wow Rich, so defensive when your post is all about hearsay(various sources} and not actual knowledge. Sundayamqb mentioned (not in article) alcohol may not be connected in this incident, but you throw the guys under the bus saying “a few drunk players” and “they’re(their)immaturity”. This is not the first nor the last incident involving PLAYERS,but, knew I could get a rile out of the insider. Gotcha
p.s. if she is not Joes’ girl we do not waste $ on that position…just saying


Is it really any better if they weren’t drunk? Six SOBER men breaking into the wrong house and beating up a totally random individual while he slept? I honestly don’t know if it is any worse if they were drunk. It’s more embarrassing for them if they were sober while also probably worse from a legal standpoint if they were drunk. Doesn’t make much of a difference in the end.