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This season going right down the shoot. Talk about no bench output. Hard to believe we gave scholarships to some of our bench players. They give you nothing.

The Bucknell loss was expected (I thought we would lose home and away), but the Army home loss looking bad now. They lost to both Bucknell and Lafayette at home. And, the Loyola road loss was bad. We should be 4-1 at this point, and instead are 2-3, and not on the upswing. Already 3 games back in conference. This could be over for us, after the first trip through. And, no reinforcements on the horizon. KR needs to step up his game.

Schedule is incredibly favorable for awhile. If we played well, we could win our next 7. Of course, we never win at HC (next game) and BU on road, should be tough. But, outside of those 2, we should roll. Should being key word.