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I echo the concerns of those who have gone before (i.e., where have KR, AP and JG gone, short bench, injuries, etc., etc., etc.) and add simply my concern over what I saw as LU’s most unimaginative offensive display of the season. At times it appeared we had never seen a matchup zone.

Anyway, Bucky has tons of weapons and is good…very good. They entered the game having put down their first four PL opponents by an average winning margin of 20.8 points. Hey, we lost by 6 and came back from being down by 16 to bring it to one. Biggest sin: 5 for 17 from beyond the arc. Bucky was a cool 11 for 22. That’s an 18 point differential in just the 3’s. Oddly enough, our total FG attempts were the same at 55.

Anyway, the excitement is still there for me. Anyone up for a road trip to Bucknell on Wednesday, 2/10/16?

Playoffs being on Tuesday, 3/1/16……let’s hope ours start two days later on 3/3