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[quote=25362]Interesting that we now sit at 7-5 and KenPom predicts us to finish 9-9. So, he is predicting home wins vs. Lafayette and Holy Cross and away losses at Bucknell, Colgate, Army and Navy.

I think we win both of those home games and win a couple of those road games.


Pomeroy actually predicts 10-8, even though LU only is favored in two of the six games. To get a predicted total record, you have to add up the chance of winning each individual game. Summing the probabilities of the six games gives LU 3.06 wins and 2.94 losses for the last six.

Having said that, Pomeroy doesn’t look at current form – only at the whole year. LU clearly is playing a lot better in recent games. I expect no worse than 11-7.

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