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[quote quote=25731]Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll assume that if Army and Bucknell win out (a very good possibility) it would come down to the point spread in their 2 games since they will each be 1-1 against each other and 2-0 against every other team in the PL.


No. Point spread is never a part of the basketball tiebreaker. For one thing, it might create a lot of animosity when a team that is leading by 15 points with a minute left is pressing fullcourt to try to increase the margin. Also teams might leave starters in for the entire game for the same reason.

Having said that, I wish it was point differential since Bucknell would prevail on that basis. Their loss to Army was a close one, despite BU having no point guard suited up for that game.

If Bucknell and Army both win this weekend – which is extremly likely – Army will eke out homecourt based on a slightly higher RPI. Both teams would be co-champs and raise identical banners.

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