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I think 12 is our max, and I think many of the PL also max at 12. Since we are at 11, I have a feeling the staff may be looking for a transfer who would slide into one of the three upper classes. If you look at a team like Colgate, they have gone from totally irrelevant to relevant with the use of transfers. They rostered 4 transfers this season and pretty much all of their good players the last 4-5 years have been transfers. BU and American also use transfers, and both had 2 this season.

We have also had 2 transfers coming in the second half of their college careers. Both, JRG and BJB, were guys we recruited heavily and didn’t get in the first go around. I would think you might see another guy pop up. Transfers are enormous in basketball these days, at the college and high school level. Nobody ever happy in this generation of kids. Wouldn’t help next year as they would need to sit for a year. Don’t see them adding a graduating player from elsewhere.