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[quote quote=26309]Baseball had 5 in ’14. All partials from what I’m told. Would not be surprised if BU has at least some.


If BU means Bucknell, then that is not correct. They have no baseball scholarships. There is some need-based aid, but not a lot that is considered athletic aid.

Last year, the four non-academy teams spent the following on athletic aid, salaries, benefits, equipment, and recruiting expenses:

Bucknell 262,632
Holy Cross 241,174
Lafayette 446,752
Lehigh 487,884

Note: Does not include game/travel expenses.

If you make an arbitrary assumption that salaries, benefits, equipment and recruiting expenses were 225k per school, then the athletic aid would look like this:

Bucknell 37,232
Holy Cross 16,174
Lafayette 221,752
Lehigh 262,884

Note that not all athletically-related aid is scholarship money. It can be need-based aid that is structured differently for an athlete, e.g. more grants, less loans.