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There’s a chance I may attend that Lehigh/Mississippi State game down in Starkville. One of my brothers is about to start graduate school for a doctoral degree at MSU, and the game will be played on Black Friday. Due to the length of time Miss St. gives students off for Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Sunday that week), the high cost of travel, especially from rural NE Mississippi (though at least there is a very small commercial airport only about 15 miles from the university), and the time proximity to the university’s winter semester break, it is unlikely he’ll be visiting family at Thanksgiving. So it possible I may go visit him at that time, though as I noted above air fares to the nearby airport are high and all other larger airports (Jackson and Birmingham being the closest; Memphis would also be an option) are at least 2+ hours away. If I visit, we probably will also try to attend either the Egg Bowl (Mississippi State/Mississippi) in Oxford (Ole Miss) or the Iron Bowl (Auburn/Alabama) in Tuscaloosa; Tuscaloosa is actually within 1 1/2 hours of Starkville. We may also try to attend a Memphis Grizzlies game (the Grizzlies will have a home game on Black Friday, so if Lehigh/Mississippi State is an early afternoon game, that would be doable).

I’ll probably make my decision by mid-September.