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Hyperbole nor smartassery serves little but to extend this conversation needlessly.
All here are free to post their opinions,criticisms and critiques.
Admit I dont like some of the poster comments. Censorship is not the answer. Sure I wish some would tone down their posts. If you object to a post say so. You are swinging a wide brush with your claim that a majority here fit your description. You really should read all the posts in a thread . You will always find posts objecting to those types of posts.
To only refer to those posts you dont like and categorizing all of us as the Asinine reasoning and quite unfair.
Try to understand that this is a fan board. We comment on the performance of the team playets and coaches. Some posters go to far in my opinion in calling out specijic players. That said if a player or a unit has a bad day we are going to voice our opinions. We do the same on good days.
A lot of people from Lehigh and other PL Ivy and CAA read and post here. Besides the mood swings between Ws and Ls, we talk about our teams and sports.
If you have been reading here for some years you should realize that. Yet you focus solely on a few posters.