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I think I need to take a step back. I got a gentle reminder yesterday, and it got me thinking. First and foremost, I’m prone to popping off here like I’m sitting around the bar with the guys. Especially after a few rounds of liquid confidence. Difference is, this is the internet. There’s no reason to believe that the guys don’t stop by here to see what’s being said, or their families for that matter. The last thing I want to do is damage a kid’s confidence, and I need to remember that’s what they are – kids.
I spent a fair amount of time in advance of this game at big program message boards, and they are pretty brutal. I would never want this board to devolve into that. I think we all take some pride in the fact that our guys are student athletes, in Lehigh’s reputation, and in a proper perspective. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice any of that for a few more wins.
I’m also not happy about my quick judgment on a number of fronts, after seeing exactly one game. The coaches have seen far more in practice and scrimmages already. I made comparisons against my own expectations, based essentially on nothing. That’s just dumb.
A few more positives I missed in my first post, before I shut up for a while. I thought Mackey looked really good, and it looks like he’s ready to shoulder a heavier scoring load in addition to running the show. Also, JG’s rebounds/minute were impressive – I did not realize that before seeing random’s post, above. I also saw him take a jump hook that looked really good, to me. It didn’t go, but he went up decisively with confidence, and it was a good shot – could have gone. I’m hopeful that he might have some offense to show us this season.