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    Game Notes


    We await

    Broadcast Info
    8pm Eastern (7pm Central)
    Fox Sports 1


    Lehigh (0-4) and ranked 251st
    Patriot League ranked 19th
    DePaul (2-0) and ranked 174th
    Big East ranked 4th
    DePaul wins 73-65 (77% chance)

      Other KenPom Projections for PL Play on Wednesday

    Lafayette @ Yale
    Yale wins 66-60

    Albany @ Colgate
    Colgate wins 60-59

    American @ Hampton
    Hampton wins 53-52


      The not so friendly confines of Stabler Arena

    Five of our next six games (not counting Penn State Mont Alto – whoever they are) will be away from home. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing in light of the way we’ve been playing – especially on offense and in particular our freshmen – inside Stabler Arena. Throw in the less than wonderful support we’ve been getting from students and fans, alike, and it’s fine with me that we take to the road. Hopefully we find ourselves.


    Avg. Pts. Scored 47.5 / 70.0

    Team FG% .314 / .519
    3 Freshman (AP, KR, BA) FG% .250 / .580

    Team 3FG% .188 / .405
    3 Freshmen (AP, KR, BA) 3FG% .118 / .476

    Avg. Attendance 740 / 5,201

      The Blue Demons of DePaul

    A well-rested DePaul team, having laced ‘em up just twice in the 12 day-old season, comes into tomorrow night’s game at 2-0. On opening night, they squeaked by #282 ranked University Illinois Chicago (UIC) 72-71 and four days later dismantled #272 Drake with ease, 80-62. While they’re a member of the Big East, it should be remembered that the Blue Demons are ranked 10th by most observers in the 10 member conference. So, where’s the threat and the interest in this game? I’d say it’s their size, their experience and what appears – after two games – to be their multiple scoring options.

    Expect DePaul to roll-out a starting five comprised of 3 upper classmen ( 1 Sr. and 2 Jrs.) and 2 Sophomores, led by their team’s leading rebounder and 2nd leading scorer @ 13.0 ppg, 6’11” Tommy Hamilton IV. When more height is needed, expect 6’10 senior forward, Forest Robinson to come off the bench. Oh yeah, he’s also scoring in double-digits @11ppg. If recent history is any guide, don’t expect to see much more of their bench as the starting five plus Robinson command 83% of the minutes. With all that height you’d expect a team to be reliant on the 2-point shot. And, that’s exactly what you get. At last look, DePaul ranks 6th in the nation in terms of their reliance on the “two” with 63% of their points coming from in-close. We’ll need Tim, Jesse and Justin to come up big tomorrow night on “D.” Another thing to watch is how well we match up (and who gets the assignment) against their leading assist man, 6’6” guard, Billy Garrett. It should prove to be an interesting assignment for someone.
    A check on ticket availability shows only 147 being available for game scheduled to be played at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont (IL). The area faithful seem to be smelling blood in the water in what would probably be (didn’t dig too deep into history to verify) their first 3 and 0 start in quite awhile. And, if that’s still not enough to spark your interest in this game, I’d direct you to their Message Board. There you’ll find a one loser’s comment: “Tim Kempton is a big dorky white guy.” C’Mon Man!

    Countdown to Colgate: 36 days


    This message is for the forum administrator…. Is it something on my end, or something on the forum’s end that has the text of several recent posts, including LU ’65’s analysis above, bleeding into the right margin messages? It makes about the right 10% of text invisible. It’s much worse on my Android tablet and Android cellphone. If it’s something on my end I’d really appreciate any suggestions on how to overcoming this problem….


    My question above also runs off…….



    Thanks jimk72. I was wondering the same.

    P.S. I misspoke in my above post. I should have said “3 Young Guns (AP, KR, BA)” and, of course, not 3 Freshmen. Ooops, sorry.



    I noticed the display
    issue some time ago,
    and I think I have it figured
    out. When posting a link,
    the url won’t “wrap” properly
    when it’s long. That will mess
    up the whole page.

    Solution: when posting a link,
    you can specify both the url
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    I think we slip to 0-5 tonight. Maybe MS gets extended run in his homecoming game? Just looking for some consistency and something to build on. I know TK will bring it, and 75% sure, AP will, hoping tonight for breakout performances from JC, CS, and others.



    Wow, great first half. CS stepping up, must read this blog. Go boys.



    Great win tonight! My first time seeing them this yr. How in the heeelll was we 0-4? I understand the Villanova lost, but the rest? Kempton is a beast, strong moves. I guess he dad being a former NBA player taught him some moves! I look for LU to cause damage in the PL. Beating Depaul and giving Villanovan a scare has gave me hope. I think the other 3 losses were growing pains.



    Amazing performance. Everything we asked for:

    CS stepped up
    JG stepped up
    JC solid
    MS awesome in front of home town

    TK stud
    AP solid

    Great win.


    I’ve seen all five games, the first four in person. This one in our kitchen, standing the entire second half. Stunning, incredible contrast games 1 and 5 compared to the middle three. The opponent wasn’t the quality of Duke this time, but the way we simply would not fold and actually out played them the last five minutes was simply beautiful to watch and similar to how we didn’t wilt against Duke. This team’s got the talent & athleticism to go a long way if they can consistently maintain composure and energy, and execute as a team on offense.


    That was fun !



    Man, I needed that! Turkey is gonna taste a little better than usual tomorrow!
    wire-to-wire win, I believe?



    I’ll certainly have more to say tomorrow, but at first glance at box: AP, JC, and JG did not miss from the floor. All 3, 100%. Wow. That will never happen again – but I’m gonna soak this up for now!
    so who’s gonna post on DePaul board – big dorky guy for the win!


    I read that big dorky comment on their board also. They also reminisced about Tim’s dad, and also in less than friendly terms. But one post just before game time seemed a bit ominous for the home team: “I got a bad feely (sic) that tall white dude is gonna cause us BIG problems tonight.” Prophetic.


    Great to be a ‘name’ basketball school, but the Blue Demons are very young, like us. So, such a win should be a good confidence builder, but I see DePaul similar to middle of pack PL.

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